I first had bacon noodles the summer of 2002. It was the only meal that Karl knew how to cook, so he would often make this recipe for me that summer. The recipe originates from Karl’s grandparents, and it is one of our favorites.


Start by chopping the bacon and season with pepper.

1 package Sodium Free Bacon
a few pinches ground pepper
Add to a nonstick skillet and cook on high. Stir continuously to break up the bacon.


Once the bacon is cooked, remove the bacon bits and remove the fat from the pan (leave the little brown bits in the bottom of the pan).


While the bacon is cooking, boil some water for the noodles and cook them according to the directions.

1 bag whole wheat noodles


In the same pan that we cooked the bacon, add the butter.

1 Tablespoon unsalted butter


Add back the cooked noodles and bacon. Salt and pepper to taste.


Cook for about 10 minutes, flip about every 2 minutes. This step is very important because it gives the noodle the signature texture. Also never attempt this step in a non-non-stick pan. The ideal Bacon Noodles have varying textures on the noodles; some crunchy, some soft.


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